A mother&daughter’s journey

It is one of fulfillment,

It is one with contentment,

It is one of pride,

It is one with precious moments.

Interview of the month:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Tshidi Nyama who is a great inspiration to me and growing up, she has been like a second mother, as a dear friend of my mother. She is a mother of two and has a wonderful daughter by the name of Thabi Nyama.

Q: What kind of things did you make sure to expose your children to that had a strong influence in who they become?

A: We came from a back ground where children were very important in a larger community and we also wanted that for them, In fact one of the reasons why we have been in this house…

Home makes a hell of a difference:

  • We started before they were born to talk about our intentions for our children.
  • We asked ourselves where there can be a reinforcement of our values for the kids and we looked for such in terms of their schooling and friends that they picked up.
  • We introduced the kids to some of our friends that could act as mentors.
  • We exposed the kids to charity organizations where they could be of value by assisting.

Q: What kind of things that were significance that added certain values in your daughter?

A: We have all sorts of conversations, we would talk a lot about things.

As a parent what ever you do, you must at all times not assume that it will be replicated:

It has always been significant to have discussions of importance in advance and not when they arise.

Q: What were the greatest lessons as a mother?


  • Have the God confidence and pray more than relaying on what you can do.
  • When you are clear about what you are trying to do, it makes your work simpler, be clear and be intentional.
  • Make time, enough time and qualify time.

Q: What were the challenges?

A: When you are a parent you learn on the job.

Q: What kind of a relationship you created with your children?


  • The children are our children and not our friends and this must be clear.
  • We teach people how to treat us and so is our children learn how to treat us.

Q: what sort of advice would you give to mothers of teenage girls?

A:Facilitate a circle of mentors, were your input can still be communicated. The reason is that as teenagers they are trying to find themselves and the first thing they want to move away from is a place where there have been rules.

Encourage relationships that you want formed:

Buy books that address topics that maybe uncomfortable to talk about.

Thank you sisi Tshidi for giving perspective to us as young mothers and honoring motherhood with how well you raised your own children.

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