Last year we took a Leap and held three Succesful boot camps, moving away from a one day sessions that we used to have, to a three days boot camp, it has really helped the girls to benefit even more from the program and so I want to thank All the Parents for releasing your daughters to Our Care . A big thank you to Ngomo Lodge and the staff for accommodating the girls and catering for our needs. A special thank you to the SheisMe Facilitators/Partners who come through to the camps to facilitate on certain topics, You have added value to the SheisMe program, thanking you ever so much for the contribution to wards the success of SheisMe.

Thank you to the SheisMe logistics department, these are the people who run around to make sure the girls have transport to get to and from the camp and that we have our sound equipment in place at the conference center. Thank you to Sherly Nkosi for being the key person in making sure that she liaises with the parents and gather together the girls from different locations. I also want to thank Our Sponsors for last Year’s boot Camp …..It is true that it takes a community to raise a child….we are truly grateful. Lastly I want to thank the junior mentors for their participation and the dedication that they’ve shown…. it has been nothing less than what it really means to model womanity….. which is what SheisMe is all about.

2017 Awards

Last year we held Our Very first She Is Me Awards Ceremony and they were Hosted at Ngomo Lodge……The main purpose was to encourage and acknowledge the girls who have participated and have been involved throughout the camps. It was a special time to honor the girls who have been with SheisMe from the very first session we had in 2015. Some girls got attendance certificates and others got awards, it was indeed a wonderful time and we thank the parents who came to support the girls, it was indeed a beautiful evening, never to be forgotten. Here at She Is Me We reward good behaviour, in developing character for we believe there’s future in our daughters. 

Tools to Support Parents:

So, parents how are you doing? It’s a genuine question….

How are you doing?

I’ve recently asked my 16 year old daughter the question, “daughter how am I doing as your mom?” as you can imagine, it was an unexpected question but it didn’t take her very long to say what she thought and one of the things that she said, made me think long and hard.., “Mommy you stress a lot”.., pounding on this question, I wondered how many other parents stress unnecessarily. The biggest part of our stresses is around our daughters being safe, our daughters being protected from bad influence that could lead to undesirable behaviours that we often don’t take note of how well we have taught them and I am assuming here that to a certain extent we’ve all done that and now is the time to reap the benefits of our labour. 

Open communication is key:
If we are to really have a healthy relationship with our daughters we got to be open to tell them about our fears, rather than being unreasonable about things to them. We got to show the human side of ourselves so that they also can relate when they are parents and know that it is part of life to have those. Fear has a way of coming out in many forms and the best thing we can do is to face it rather than ignore it, because when we face it we disperse it. What am I saying? I am encouraging parents to open up more to their daughters and hopefully this can be the beginning of finding a common ground for all sorts of conversations that will potentially lead to healthier relationships, trust allows independence that is crucial for our daughter’s development. 

SheisMe Open Day/Mini Market:
As you know…. Here at She Is Me we love to be innovative and every year we strive to Soar Higher than the last……2018 is the Year for She Is Me to Show case what they do and we plan to Go Big and Invite as many Parents with their Daughters all around Johannesburg to the SheisMe open day!

Well what does an open Day Comprise of?

We will do a set up that will Market everything that SheisMe is about which will include a Mini market for fund raising., this is our way to try and raise funds for the girls whose parents can’t afford the camp fees. I encourage all the SheisMe girls and parents to get involved for this day to be a success. 

Facilitators/Partners of SheisMe that are involved in developing our South African youth are going to be part of this. As parents you will get an opportunity to see what your girls learn during the camps. The Facilitators/Partners will each one has their own display table that will have more information about what they do around youth development. The SheisMe girls will be selling things that they have cooked or creatively done to raise funds. This is really going to be an opportunity to invite all the girls who can benefit from being part of the SheisMe programs to come and learn more about what takes place during the camps. Please invite, friends, cousins, grandparents and everyone who can come and support this event. There will be games and other fun activities for the kids. 

Venue: 142 Nooigedatch Road Muldersdrift 

Date: Sunday the 1st of April 

Time: 10am until 12pm

Wear: Comfortable cloths, sunscreen, caps and hats. 

Entrance fee: R50 per adult, R20 per child

Donations are more than welcome. 

She Is Me Boot Camps 2018:
As you know….. She Is Me is an NPO we make no Profit from our Bootcamps… However any fee we charge goes to the facilities where we book for Camping for Accommodation, food and transport.

SheisMe 2018 Boot Camps

Camp fee: R850 per child/Sibling discount R750 The SheisMe website is being upgraded, the registration for the boot camps will be online. Parents we encourage that you diarise these dates and do feel free to start paying for the April boot camp as it will decrease the Pressure when we are closer to the date.

2018 Bootcamp Dates:
19-22 of April 

22-25 of July

21-24 of September 

This Year’s Topics that we will cover are a Lifetime package to the future;

April Boot Camp

-Valuing yourself

-How to have confidence

-Believing in yourself 

-How to deal with jealousy 

-How to be a lady and beauty tips for teenagers (Special guest)

July Boot Camp

-Belonging to yourself first 

-How to deal with a any breakup 

-Emotional intelligence 

-How to deal with an absent parent (Special guest)

-Conflict Management 

September Boot Camp

-How to reach your goals

-How to Manage your time

-Finding your life Purpose

-The power of focus 

-Career Guidance and motivation for exams (2018 Awards Evening)

There are a number of new girls coming through to the SheisMe boot camp for the very first time this year and we look forward to welcoming them. Looking forward to a fun filled year ahead. 

Until next time, stay accountable, She is Me. 

Zanele Nkosi 



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