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Newsletter – Confidence

The best accessory a girl can own is confidence. #truth #quotes:


It is that time of the year when everything is happening at once and She-is-Me is also happening …,

I hope you all keeping well during this hectic season, rolling down towards the end of the year.

She-is-Me is on Confidence!!

Lack of self-confidence is one of the reasons why our daughters, engage in behaviors that are less desirable and often as parents we don’t always notice these issues early, if we do we don’t often have the time to address them, well.., it is with that reason why She-is-Me will be addressing this topic.

Your daughter is invited to the upcoming She-is-Me Mentorship program.
We will walk.., talk.., seat.., and carry ourselves with confidence.

As for you parents here are simple and doable tips on increasing self confidence in your daughter; 

1. Keep time: I...

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She-is-Me Newsletter no. 4

Hello and Welcome.

I am thrilled, filled with excitement, as celebrate She-is-Me 1st Anniversary!

To Celebrate this, I am hosting a special picnic for the She-is-Me girls on the upcoming program on the 20th March [See further details at the bottom]

She-is-Me Anniversary Edition: Mothers Who Made A Difference

Interview of the month [As we Celebrate She-is-Me 1st Anniversary]:

I had an honor of interviewing a special mother by the name of Dumisile Nkosi who is a mother to a beautiful, independent and assertive young woman Lwazi Nkosi.

Courtesy: Dumusile & Lwazi

Courtesy: Lwazi & Dumisile


What are the things that were very important to you in raising your daughter?


A warm family environment that had a mother and a father figure...

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She-is-Me Program

She-is-Me program:

On the next She-is-Me program, the 3rd of October 2015 we will be addressing issues of  disrespect, as well as a parent/child relationship. 

A special visit: We will be visiting an orphanage and if your daughter is coming through please do ask her to pack an item or two that she can give away to other girls who are not as privileged.

The upcoming She-is-Me mentorship program and details…
Place: Plot 142 Nooitgedacht Road, Muldersdrift
Date: 3rd-4th of October 2015 (Sleep-Over)
RSVP: 30th of September 2015
Drop off time: Saturday@16h00
Pick up time: Sunday@16h00
What to bring: PJ’s, sports clothing for Sunday morning, toiletry bag, changing clothes and one or two items for orphaned girls.
What to expect: Self Engagement, Physical ex...
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Disrespect Questionnaire 



Disrespect is an inclusive word for, attitude, shouting..etc and a parent is anyone who has given birth to you or your guardian and in this case parent refers to your MOTHER.

Please answer the following 10 questions about disrespect.

1. What makes it okay for you to disrespect your parent?

2. At what point did you give yourself permission to disrespect your parent?

3. What do you say to yourself when you disrespect your parent?

4. What do you hope to achieve/gain by disrespecting your parent?

5. Where did you learn to disrespect your parent?

6. What kind of a future do you imagine for yourself by continuing to disrespect your parent?

7. Is this behaviour pleasing to you? Yes/No

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She-is-me Newsletter #3

Welcome to Another Edition of the She-is-Me Newsletter

A mother daughter’s journey;

It is one of fulfillment,

It is one with contentment,

It is one of pride,

It is one with precious moments.



Interview of the month:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Tshidi Nyama who is a great inspiration to me and growing up, she has been like a second mother, as a dear friend of my mother. She is a mother of two and has a wonderful daughter by the name of Thabi Nyama.

Q: What kind of things did you make sure to expose your children to that had a strong influence in who they become?

A: We came from a back ground where children were very important in a larger community and we also wanted that for them, In fact one of the reasons why we have been in this house...

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Welcome to She-Is-Me!

Welcome to She-is-Me Website. Take time to check out the various sections of our website to learn more about The She-is-Me Programme.

Also Read More of the latest News and Interviews on the She-is-Me Newsletter.

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